Top Story : Women stripped naked by Ugandan Police




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Social media has been chaotic and in uproar since these images emerged on Twitter early hours of today. These pictures show the Ugandan Police deliberately stripping down women in attempt to arrest the women at an opposition FDC rally on Saturday 10, October 2015. There is also a video that was uploaded showing police treatment towards the female protestors. Ugandans have expressed fear over what lies ahead as Uganda gets ready to vote in the 2016 presidential elections.


Twitter @nickopiyo

The hashtag #SomeoneTellKayihura was utilised to encourage international recognition and has been trending on Twitter. General Kale Kayihura is the country’s Inspector General of Police and he is yet to provide a statement for why the police acted in such a manner. It is also alleged that General Kayihura himself was also involved in the stripping down of a leading female opposition leader in public Zaina Fatima (Fatima Zaina).


Twitter @nickopiyo

Those arrested were allegedly released only after intervention of foreign diplomats who are currently closely monitoring the deteriorating political situation in Uganda.


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The official twitter handle of the Uganda Police did not immediately any comments to the events but instead deflected the issue of the conduct of women. But moving on tweets stating “the dignity of a woman begins with self respect, discipline and knowledge of the law” @ugandaupf appeared to upset the social media even more poking jabs insinuating that the female protestors took their own clothes off. NRM and Government  Spokesperson Ofwunno Opondo said the incident was a result of a “nude women squad” aiming to blackmail the police.

It is very disturbing that the police who are meant to be the protectors of the country are the people exploiting their power and promoting injustice. To see the women bare-chested, being stripped, being bitten for practising their human right of freedom of speech and then punished and beaten for that. As a woman myself it makes my blood boil to know that this is happening and to know that the Ugandan Police have a history of ill-treating women. I fear for Uganda as if the citizens cannot rely on the police and the government who can they rely on ?

Injustice against one of us is injustice against all of us

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