The First 100 days of Buhari




“the First 100 days have been seen as a unique moment – the new president’s first and perhaps best chance to reshape the nation according to his own agenda and vision” – William Lasser on America’s Presidency can be translated with Nigeria and the newly elected president.

It is a belief amongst political scientists that the first 100 days of any presidents can/may determine the course of how the new president will govern their country. Success in the first 100days has not meant a guarantee of success later on the presidency nor have early difficulties neccessarily condemned a president to failure or mediocrity. Personally, APB believes in the first 100 days one can judge the presidents efforts to enforce agenda and enforce the visions as campaigned. However, one cannot expect a President to heal a country in only 100 days, after all they are only human.

For Nigeria, September 5, 2015, marked President Buhari’s 100days in power. We then question what Buhari inherited from his incumbent. Buhari inherited the People’s Democratic Party (PDP)’s tainted administration, Buhari now has to prove to the citizens that his party will not be corrupt and decrease and eliminate corruption. Buhari also inherited the Boko Haram threat. Buhari also needs to improve the fuel scarcity in Nigeria, Africa’s largest oil producer. It is claimed that it is near enough impossible to find fuel in Nigeria. Further, Buhari inherited a continuous drop in power supply, most Nigerian citizens now rely on electric generators and gas for everything from personal household use, manufacturing, retailers and hospitality – all forms of life.

Buhari also needs to revive Nigeria’s failing economy and stomp down the black market rise. Currently, due to a lack of fuel and the heavy amounts of traffic and demand for fuel at petrol stations the black market has grown. Young men are known to stand outside petrol stations with jerry cans filled with petrol. These young men are selling petrol at twice or thrice the official selling price of fuel. Further, sometimes this petrol sold under the black market has been diluted with water and has ruined a large amounts of cars.

Buhari also has the task of educating its citizens and decreasing the rate of unemployment in Nigeria. Nigeria needs a system that can train its citizens in order to make contributions to the welfare of their states and country and evidently themselves. Nigeria is known for intelligent people and all Nigerians wish for a secure future, one that they can continue to grow and see their lives and well beings go forward.  I believe that if citizens are poor, ignorant, insecure and anxious with leaders parading their wealth with fancy cars and mansions as house this means that their leaders have failed to exploit the geniuses that make up Nigeria. Geniuses that could lead to the economic growth of Nigeria.


Supporters of Buhari have commended him with US President Obama congratulating Buhari and declaring that Buhari was on the right course and claiming that until Nigeria gets it right Africa will get it right. This may be because Nigeria produces oil however it needs to import petroleum products because it does not have functioning refineries. Nigeria and Buhari needs to create working refineries and then maybe their oil economy can grow.

Ambode said: “What President Muhammadu Buhari has come up with in the last 100 days is about credibility and integrity for those of us who are in public office. Buhari has come up with moral leadership in the last 100 days, and that is what is needed to fight corruption in the country.”

So what are his further achievements: Buhari has shown Nigerian citizens and the international world that he is not intimidated by Boko Haram and has vowed to eliminate the threat. Boko Haram was first on his agenda and Buhari rallied Nigeria’s neighbours to unite to act as a common front against Boko Haram. My view is that Buhari is on the right path, will he eliminate Boko Haram in the next coming years before he runs (if he runs) a second term, I personally think he won’t be able to. But I believe that he will try his best to defuse Boko Haram and go further than his predecessor in neutralising Boko Haram.


But where there is praise there is always critics quick to knock someone at their prominent rise. Governor Ayodole Fayose of Ekin State took a swipe at President Buhari saying that the only achievement recorded by administration has been that of harassment of leaders of the PDP.

Nonetheless, Buhari is still in the first few months of his presidency he is yet to grow and to inapt all of his agendas. Rome was  not built in a year, I have faith the Buhari will change Nigeria for the best.