“At this point we leave Africa, not to mention it again. For it is no historical part of the World; it has no movement or development to exhibit. Historical movements in it-that is in its northern part-belong to the Asiatic or European World  [Hegel, The Philosophy of History, 99.]

Africa by many critiques is believed not to possess a history of its own beyond that of the Asiatic or the European World as stated by Hegel 1830-1831. It has also been argued to be a continent that does not exhibit a form of successful development. The African Political Blog aims to refute these statements by uncovering  contemporary African events to develop debates on issues of core important to an “evolving” continent. The African Political Blog aims to promote African history by providing awareness of historical events of African countries that transcend the modern political, social and economic issues of Africa.

The African Political Blog will aim to provide a focus mainly on Sub-Saharan African countries.

The African Political Blog’s main value is to praise Africa for its struggles, development and the beauty that is Africa. However, with beauty always comes pain and suffering and the African Political blog aims to also expose Africa’s corruption and lack of ‘Ubuntu’.

This blog was inspired by the author’s ardour for Africa through african birth, travels and education.

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